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Heavenly Death

Heavenly Death - Bleach RP
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Welcome to Heavenly Death! This, as you might have guessed, is a Bleach RP community! Right now we are really looking for characters, a lot of the main characters are open so please send in an application!

Ichigo, Sado, Ishida and Orihime have all returned home after breaking into Seireitei to save their friend, Rukia, who remained in Seireitei. With their mission accomplished the four try to continue on with their normal lives. Though it seems that Aizen Sousuke has different plans. Read more.

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Mod: UsakoChiba

Some Rules

These are basic rules that I’m sure anybody that has ever been in a role-play probably already knows.

1) Thread Jumping and Posting
Thread jumping will now be allowed during the role play to help make things run more smoothly. Thread jumping means, if you are in one thread talking to one character, you may post in another thread as well and talk to another. This is allowed simply because if one person is late posting as their character, it makes everybody else late if its taken in turns.

2) Be nice!
Obviously, if any of the members have any quarrels, please leave it out of the group unless it directly interferes with us. Character fights are always allowed though! But you might be punished by your captain, so choose your fights wisely.

3) God like characters
This is a big one. Don’t make your characters so strong they can’t be defeated. This is both annoying and not realistic. If we catch anyone with god like powers we will give you a warning.

4) I hurt j00!
No autos. Period. An auto is where you control another character in anyway. If you say you hit Sado and it connects, that’s an auto. If you say that Ishida told Orihime something when it was never RP’d, that’s an auto.

The only time autos are ok is when you have permission from the person it pertains to. If you want to hit Ishida and have it connect in one post that you RP Then you must contact Ishida in private and ask if it’s ok.

5) Rating is.. What?
This group will accept anything really. We accept yaoi, yuri and even a bit of hentai. Though nothing graphic is allowed. Since the rating is a hard R at the most, you are required to be at least 16 to join unless you have special privilege to join given by the mods.

Because of the rating, if your post is above PG-13, please put it behind a cut.

6) I posted a month ago but now somebody else has my character!
Sorry, but we have to make sure that our members remain active in this community so the role-play will run smoothly with very little stops. We recommend you to post once a week, if you go over that every now and then its alright. But if you are two weeks late in posting, or if your late all the time you could loose your character.

If you know you will not be able to rp for a week or more, please e-mail the mods to say so and to say when you'll be back.

To contact a mod, please send us an e-mail! Don't be shy to ask questions!
Mod: UsakoChiba@LiveJournal.com

Credit to _kentsuburi for Heavenly Death's layout! <3